Vikings Go Berzerk - September 2021

Exclusive Vikings Go Berzerk Slot Review

When it comes to raiding internet casinos, the Vikings can usually be relied upon to cause plenty of mayhem – something definitely available when you spin Yggdrasil's Vikings Go Berzerk slot. Released in November 2018, Vikings Go Berzerk is the second release in Yggdrasil's iconic trio of Viking slots, nudged between Vikings Go Wild and Vikings Go to Hell. Fully-optimised for desktop and mobile, you can set sail on the high seas and pray to Odin that the sea Sirens don't doom your voyage. The power of the Norse Gods are strong in this game – unleashing reel rage that can unlock lucky spins with payouts up to x4000 coins!

where to play Vikings Go Berzerk for real

where to play Vikings Go Berzerk for real

100% up to €100. Min deposit €10 + 100 Free Spins
100% up to €100 + 300 free spins
Receive Five Deposit Bonuses and 200 Free Spins!





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Vikings Go Berzerk Overview

Vikings Go Berzerk became a hot-trending sequel to Yggdrasil's original Viking slot game, Viking Go Wild, when it hit the slot screen in November 2016. Now ranked as one of the best Viking video slots on the market, Vikings Go Berzerk will go straight in your favourites, if the appeal of the gods runs through your blood. Vikings Go Berzerk's mix of mid-level volatility, powerful bonuses and brilliantly animated Viking quest across the seas – means this game will one day have a special place on the Valhalla wall of games. It is easy game to play.


Slot type

Vikings Go Berzerk is a five reel, 25 payline video slot, with superb animations and sound effects that immerse you in the Vikings Go Berzerk Berzerk seascape saga. With the graphical quality and finish of a video game, inclusive of the sea Sirens doing battle with the Viking clan in real-time on the reels –  this is a feature slot that you'll find deeply immersive.


RTP levels & base game payouts

Vikings Go Berzerk has a return to player level of 96.1% - offering a fair chance every time you play.

While every session is unique, the game has a Yggdrasil volatility rating of 49, which gives Vikings Go Berzerk a mid-rating in terms of how random you'll typically find the slot. In reality, despite no guarantees, this means the average session of 200 spins , should deliver a decent number of winning spins and good value entertainment. Vikings Go Berzerk has a base game hit rate that averages out at 20.9% - so that's theoretically just over two winning spins for every 10 spins of the game. The free spins feature triggers at an average hit rate of once every 128 spins – so a high volume spin strategy or a slice of luck is needed to activate this powerful bonus.


Base game payouts occur when you land 3, 4, or 5 like-symbols on a payline from left-right. The four Viking characters reward you 3-30 coins for x3 symbols, 75-100 coins for x4 symbols and 150-250 coins for x5 symbols, with each Viking having different values based on their rank in the clan. There are also four Coin symbols, without payouts from x3-250 coins, depending on the combination spun.


Bonus rounds

Players seeking a sophisticated range of bonuses, will be impressed by Vikings Go Berzerk, with every spin having the potential to trigger a range of features, as you row-row-row your boat across the raging sea. While most players soon get to grips with the bonus mechanics once they've played the game for a few spins, and there's no way to really do anything detrimental to your chance of rewards – your enjoyment of the game will take-off if you understand how to trigger the bonus features and how they play-out.


Whenever you load-up a fresh session of Vikings Go Berzerk slot, one of the Vikings at the bottom of the screen, will have a 'Rage meter' already at least 50% full – automatically setting you on your way towards triggering the Viking Rage bonus. This bonus is activated once a Viking's Rage meter is full-up; each winning spin for each Viking adds more rage to their meter. Whenever you manage to activate the Viking Rage bonus, you will receive a Free Spin, inclusive of a Viking in Berzerk mode.(Viking Berzerk mode means that the hero will always defeat the shape-shifting Siren, who turns from a temptress into an evil demon – and then a sticky wild!) The Free Spins are played with a coin size that is the average value of all the bets you've used to fill the triggering Rage meter.


When a Viking is Berzerk, they will always defeat the Siren and turn into a sticky wild. Vikings can be Berzerk either by filling their rage meter, or by winning Ragnarök Free Spins. The Ragnarök Free Spins, named after the famous Viking festival, make all the Vikings Go Berzerk and turn into sticky wilds.


Ragnarök Free Spins can also be won from the Golden Treasure Chest symbol which can randomly land on reel four and reward you other prizes including a 10000 coins! The basic Treasure Chest symbol also paysout up to 21 Free Spins and x1000 coins.


The treasure chest symbol rewards

  • Coin win (50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 500, 750, 1000)
  • Free Spin trigger (7, 14 or 21 Free Spins)

The Golden Treasure chest rewards

  • Coin win (250, 300, 350, 400, 500, 750, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000)
  • Free Spin trigger (7, 14 or 21 Free Spins)
  • Rage Boost : add 25% rage to each Viking.
  • Ragnarök Free Spin Trigger


During Free Spin mode, the rewards on offer are slightly different, with random coin wins, 2-3 free spins, a wild reel and 1-2 extra sticky spins. The Free Spin mode is triggered by landing 3-5 symbols on the reels, giving you 7-21 free spins with sticky wilds:

  • 3 Free Spin symbols award 7 Free Spins
  • 4 Free Spin symbols award 14 Free Spins
  • 5 Free Spin symbols award 21 Free Spins.

One fun element of the Free Spin mode, is the Vikings fighting the evil Siren if they appear on the screen; a successful duel transforms the Siren into a sticky wild – staying there for the duration of the  free spin game. If you trigger the Free Spin mode with scattered Free Spin symbols, you'll receive one of the following: Ragnarök Free Spins, 1-3 extra Free Spins, Starting wild, Wild reel, or x5 treasure chests and x5 Golden treasure chests. Check biggest wins here!

Game Images

Quick Game Info

Release Date November 23, 2016
Game Type Video slot
Lines 25
Max RTP 96.1%
Volatility 49
Maximum Win €500,000

How To Play Vikings Go Berzerk

Once you're up to speed as a member of the crew, Vikings Go Berzerk is easy to play – but with lots of bonus features and on-screen animations, first-time spinners can feel a bit sea sick. So let's take a look at at navigating the Vikings Go Berzerk deck...


Spinning for wins on Vikings Go Berzerk

If you want the quick-start details of how to bet and spin on Vikings Go Berzerk, just follow these steps:

  1. Select your bet size
  2. Click the round spin button in the middle of the interface
  3. Wait for the reels to spin and payout any winnings/activate bonus features
  4. Once the round is over, adjust your wager level, or spin again with the same bet.

There is no skill needed to play Vikings Go Berzerk; simply ensure you are happy with your bet size.


Betting levels & payline activation

Vikings Go Berzerk has a betting range from €0.10 to €125, which can be adjusted by clicking on the coin button on the slot's control deck. The coin sizes range from €0.004 to €5, offering a wide range of options depending on budget and the desired bet value. Vikings Go Bezerk has 25 paylines, which are all automatically activated on every spin (it isn't possible to change the payline number). The default bet is set at €2.50 when the game loads-up.



The settings panel can be seen at the bottom left of the Vikings Go Berzerk screen, featuring several coloured buttons. These buttons let you optimise and personalise the game to your own style. Most notably, the orange 'gear cog' button, enables you to change spin speed, toggle sound effects and ambience sound on/off, change the depth of animations and adjust the way the coins and cash are displayed.


Understanding game symbols & base game payouts

Vikings Go Berzerk feature sa crew of four intrepid Vikings – a female Shield maiden, a Grey skulled warrior, the Red bearded one-eyed general, and the Viking Leader sporting a very trendy brown beard. These characters payout when matched on the reels for 3-5 symbols, accompanied by four Coin symbols. The Vikings all row the boat at the bottom of the screen, building-up Rage until they explode and trigger bonus feature! The mystical sea Sirens look alluring at the side of the gamescape, but beneath their beauty, lies demonic intent, and they shape-shift to battle the Viking crews and steal their plunder; spin the reels to do battle and watch them fight-it-out before your eyes. Base game payouts range from x3-250 coins depending on the combination spun.


Bonus rounds

One key appeal of Vikings Go Berzerk is a cool range of bonus features, which add value to your sessions thanks to cool animations and exciting chances to win rewards.

Viking Rage bonus: Filling-up the Rage meters for a Viking at the bottom of the screen by spinning their symbol on the reels, triggers a Free Spin and Berzerk mode (guaranteeing victory against the Siren and turning her into a sticky wild!).

Ragnarök Free Spins: Winnable from the Golden Treasure Chest and Pre-Free Spins Bonus, Ragnarök Free Spins turn all Vikings Berzerk and transforms them into sticky wilds.

Golden Treasure Chest (or Treasure Chest): Land these on the reels and win a range of random prizes, including Ragnarök Free Spins, 21 Free Spins and payouts up to x10000 coins!

Free Spin mode: You can win up to 21 Free Spins when landing 3-5 Free Spin symbols – with the Viking versus Siren on-screen battle adding to the fun and potentially turning these she-devils into sticky wilds.


Strategy tips

While is would be nice to think there's a way to guarantee hitting the Vikings Go Bezerk slot x4000 coin win – unfortunately it's all down to random chance! However, there are a few strategy tips that might be some help. Firstly, it makes sense to set your session budget and pick a sensible bet size that doesn't burn through your funds in a few minutes. In addition to protecting your funds and ensuring you get plenty of value for money, this strategy may also boost the odds of triggering bonus features.

Conclusions About Vikings Go Berzerk

If you're into the on-trend Viking theme, seen in movies, box set series and the gaming world, then Yggdrasil's Vikings Go Berzerk is a must-play for the have-a-go Shield maidens and Viking warriors among you. Released in 2018, the cutting-edge slot engine, graphics, sound effects and animations, give Vikings Go Berzerk a quality that will see it stand the test of time for years to come.

The Viking-themed adventure in Vikings Go Berzerk, takes you on a journey across the high seas – inspired by the real-life legends who set off into the unknown eons ago. Just like the real Vikings, there's a spiritual and mystical vibe to this games, with the Sirens masquerading as mermaids – before turning into demonic hags before your very eyes! The animated slotscape looks fantastic on both desktop and mobile, with ace sound effects and a spiritual style ambient backing track.


Thankfully, our brave Vikings get really angry when tricked by the Sirens, and their rage can make them go totally Berzerk – triggering animated battles with these evil witches of the sea; win these battles and lucrative rewards from the Gods could await lucky spinners with wins up to x4000 coins. With a cool range of bonus features, including Viking Rage bonus, Viking Berzerk mode, Ragnarök Free Spins and Golden Treasure Chest, Vikings Go Berzerk is an interactive feast for the slot senses.


Vikings Go Berzerk can be spun from €0.20 to €20 – offering scope for low budget and high rolling players. We'd love to see Yggdrasil create a progressive jackpot pool that links up this game with Vikings Go Wild and Vikings Go to Hell – so prayers to Odin have been sent! In the meantime, while the maximum win of €500000 will be out-of-reach for most players using modest bet sizes, a x4000 coin payout could make they day of any lucky player!

FAQs about the Vikings Go Berzerk

Get up to speed with a few of the frequently ask questions about the Vikings Go Bezerk slot:
Vikings Go Berzerk slot has the power to reward players with wins up to x4000 coins, giving the game a maximum win level up to €500000 using the maximum spin of €125.
The RTP level of Vikings Go Berzerk is 96.1% with a mid-level volatility that gives players fair spins during slot sessions – as well as potentially offer extended value for money.
You can play Vikings Go Berzerk for free at some top slot sites and casinos, by playing demo sessions or using bonus cash. The game also features free spins.
The best way to get free spins on Vikings Go Berzerk is to claim a casino bonus and use your funds to spin for free. If you trigger the game's bonus mode, you'll also get free spins. You can also play our free Vikings Go Berzerk demo.